Whilst I’ve Been Away……….

I just wanted to put a quick post up to apologise to anyone who’s been checking on here for new content lately and explain what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months. It’s been an especially crazy time with my day job this year and when combined with the joys and challenges of being a new parent, it all began to take its toll and I eventually succumbed to illness and an injury.

I’m a typical Type-A runner and I stupidly kept ploughing on with my normal busy non-stop life for a couple of months until I finally realised I needed to slow down and take a break. This ended up with me stopping running all together for 3-4 weeks to recharge which did me the world of good.  I’m pleased to say that I’m easing myself back into it and loving running again. I’m trying to curb my enthusiasm a bit and keep it all sustainable but I still hope to increase the amount of content I’m posting on the site so watch this space.  DSC03069

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