Suunto Ambit3 – Cool New Features and Bluetooth Connectivity

Note that I have now reviewed the ambit3 and you can find it here!

I absolutely love my Ambit2. Over the last few months it’s been a clever, logical, sophisticated and bad-ass companion during adventures and day to day activities (not unlike having a mini Mr Spok strapped to your wrist). The new Ambit3 is due to be released in September and is targeted at improving on the Ambit2 by adding a host of new features to match and hopefully improve upon competitor products from Garmin.

If you are unfamiliar with the features of the Ambit2, you can learn more about them within my review here. If not, read on for a preview of the major new additions!……

Bluetooth Smart Replaces ANT+

Unlike the Ambit2 which connected to sensors via Ant+, the Ambit3 range will come complete with a Bluetooth Smart Sensor only. This enables connectivity with smart phones and bluetooth enabled heart rate / power  / cadence sensors but at the sacrifice of Ant+ compatibility.

This is a bold and potentially contentious decision as those who already own Ant+ sensors will not be able to use them with the Ambit3. I suspect this route has been taken due to the space requirements of internal hardware that would be needed to support both technologies. Smartphone connectivity is a big deal for many and bluetooth sensors are becoming increasingly prevalent so I can see why Suunto have done this.

New Swim-Compatible Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap

Unlike most HR straps, the new Suunto model will have the ability to store HR data whilst swimming. This makes a lot of sense given the watches’ multisport capabilities and it will be a big plus for triathletes.

Bluetooth Smart Phone App Connectivity

Suunto is making big changes to its Movescount Smartphone App (which was previously pretty limited) to enable users to upload activities and make settings changes via Bluetooth without connecting to a computer. This has been developed for iPhone users in the first instance but Android compatibility will follow soon.

To me, this is a big improvement as it will make things much more convenient. If you are travelling in remote areas without mobile internet connectivity, the app will also store your data and then sync with the cloud the next time you have reception. The next logical progression would be to introduce route planning into the app and I hope this happens at some point.

You can also configure the watch to receive push notifications of calls, text messages etc on the watch. Personally, I can’t see myself using this but others may disagree and the feature is there if you want it.

Range Overview

OK so that’s the new features out of the way, now to look at the new range…………

Ambit3 Sport

As with the existing Ambit2S, the Sport provides GPS running, swimming and cycling features, GPS altitude and navigation and the heart rate strap as an option with prices ranging from £275 to £325.

I suspect the blue and white versions will be a big hit.

Ambit3 Sport

Ambit 3 Peak

The Ambit3 Peak is the flagship model and is mainly differentiated from the Sport by it’s Barometric altimeter. This will be the choice of those who require the additional altimeter accuracy for navigational purposes and the barometer for spotting potentially dangerous weather changes.

Visually, it’s very similar to the Ambit2 with slight changes to the bezel and buttons.

The peak will be available in Black and Sapphire with prices ranging from £360 to £500 depending on which colour you go for and whether you opt for the heart rate belt.

Ambit3 Peak

Note that I have now reviewed the ambit3 and you can find it here!

Ambit2 Sale! (affiliates)

If you are in the market for an Ambit but feel you can manage without the new features, It’s worth having a look around for Ambit2’s as many retailers have them on sale including Wiggle here,  Millet Sports here and Amazon

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Get Involved!

I’m quite excited about the new Ambit3 but what do you think??  Leave your thoughts below!

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