Salomon Sense 3 Ultra & Softground (SG) Durability Update

Nobody wants to spend top-dollar on a pair of running shoes for them to start to fall apart after a few miles. With this in mind, I thought I’d write a quick durability update on the Salomon Sense 3 Ultra & Soft Ground.

I’ve had both pairs of shoes for a few months now and have used them regularly in a variety of conditions among the other shoes in my rotation. I’d say that they’ve both seen the best part of 150-200 miles and whilst this isn’t enough time to give an exhaustive verdict on durability,  I think it’s sufficient to identify any major, early issues.

Salomon Sense 3 Ultra Durability

First of all, if you haven’t read my review of the Sense 3 Ultra,  you can find it here.

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As you can see, the Sense 3’s are holding up really well. The out sole is showing very little sign of wear in spite of a fair amount of tarmac use and I can see no evidence of the upper tearing, fraying or of the overlays de-laminating…… so no complaints whatsoever. I’ve read a few reports of people having issues with the upper blowing around the forefoot in earlier versions of the shoe but the new mesh material used on the sense 3 appears to have resolved this problem. I still really enjoy running in these shoes and look forward to putting many more miles on them.

Salomon Sense 3 Soft Ground (SG) Durability

If you haven’t read my review, you can find it here.

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Once again, the durability of the sense softgrounds has proven very impressive and I’ve had no problems so far. The outsole seems to be especially resilient  thanks to the hard compound and the lugs are showing considerably less wear than my Mudclaw 265‘s did after a similar amount of use. In spite of this, I’ve still not completely bonded with the SG’s and it’s a cliché but I never get that sensation where I forget that I’m wearing them in the way that I do with my absolute favorite shoes.

I stand by what I said in my review – the softground’s are an excellent choice for long, wet days out in the mountains but I prefer the added flexibility and propreoception of my mudclaws for shorter distances where the extra cushioning and support of the SG’s is unnecessary.


You can rest assured that you will probably get your moneys worth if you choose to invest in either of these shoes. I’ll be sure to flag up and problems that arise over the coming months but so far, so good.

Where You Can Find Them (Affiliates)

It’s been a long wait but both the standard Sense 3 and the Softground’s are now available from a variety of sources including Amazon, Millet Sports & Wiggle

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