My aim is to try to prevent an objective view on products that are new(ish) to the market to hopefully help inform the decisions of those who may wish to shell out their hard earned cash on them.

I generally strive to minimise the amount of equipment I take with me when exercising outdoors as I don’t particularly like carrying things and I feel that having too much gear can be an unhelpful distraction. Most of the equipment I will be testing will therefore be lightweight and packable.

Striking the right balance between taking the necessary kit to stay safe but not getting carried away requires you to consider, terrain, conditions, time, your body and what could potentially go wrong. This is a skill that should be continually refined based upon experience and sound advice. The consequences of not taking enough safety equipment, food and clothing are clearly more serious than taking too much and I would always advise anyone to be use caution.

Unless otherwise stated, I have purchased all the items that are on test myself.