Inov-8 Spring / Summer 2014 Shoes

A few days ago, a contributor to a Runners World forum discussion posted a link to a copy of the Inov-8 Spring / Summer 2014 Catalogue. You can find it here.

I’m a big fan of Inov-8’s shoes so here is my summary of the things that stand out for me in the 2014 range. 

Road and Tri

NEW MODEL: Road X-Treme 198 (mens) & 168 (womens)

This is a new model that has replaced the Road X-Treme 208. It retains the 6mm drop and fusion material in the sole but the main changes are in the upper which is similar in design to the Road X-Treme 178 and 138 with the same overlays. 

NEW MODEL: Tri-X-Treme 275 (mens) & 245 (womens)

A brand new model which looks really quite exciting for triathletes and road runners. Built on Inov-8’s ‘natural’ platform It has a 6mm drop, drain holes and a wide opening with toggle laces for fast transitions. I’m toying with the idea of getting into triathlons this year and these would also appeal to me for longer distance road running as they look a bit more substantial than the other models in Inov-8’s road range.

NEW MODEL: Tri-X-Treme 225

Lighter than the 275, 3mm drop and less overlays on the upper. 


The ultra-minimal Bare-X Lite range seems to have been ditched for 2014 and I can only assume that this is due to lack of demand. This is a shame but I would encourage hardcore barefoot-style runners to take a look at the Road-X-Treme 138 which feels very much like an ultra-minimal shoe with just a tiny bit of cushioning (review here!)

UPDATE: Road-X Lite 155 (mens) & 145 (womens)

This update appears to be just a colour change.


UPDATE: Trailroc 255 & 245 (mens)

Updated colour and overlays for the upper. Strangely the women’s versions have been left the same. I’ve seen several reports of people having  issues with the upper failing around the metatarsal flex-point on both the  trailroc 245 and the 235. Whilst there is no obvious additional reinforcement on the new shoes, Iov-8 have used a new mesh material which promises to offer increased durability.  These shoes are now available at Wiggle (affiliate) 245 here and 255 here. You can find my review of the new 245 here.



The Baregrip 200 was released in 2010 and was almost one of my favorite-ever shoes but instead, I found them really frustrating. No other shoe on the market provides the same level of grip in such a lightweight and minimal package (it has no midsole) and there were times when I really enjoyed running in them. However there are a couple of big problems, the first of which is that they are a horrible shape. They are built on Inov-8’s performance last which I’ve had no problems with in other models but the bare-grips have an awful pointy toe box which is far too narrow, especially for a shoe that is supposed to promote natural foot-function. The second problem is that the upper tore around the metatarsal flex point on both sides of both shoes after less than 50 miles. Both of these issues were widely reported by other runners and it really surprises me that Inov-8 haven’t rectified them as we are approaching their fourth birthday. I really want to like this shoe but I won’t get another pair until they update it.

Breaking Baregrip News 17/02/2014

I’ve just found out that whilst they aren’t in the Spring / Summer brochure,  Inov-8 are updating the baregrip later this year. Let’s hope it addresses some of the problems I experienced with the previous model. Some details here courtesy of

Even More News 25/04/2014 Review Here! 

Functional Fitness

I don’t have much experience of Inov-8’s functional fitness shoes so I won’t dwell on them too long other than to say that the popular F-lite range seeems to get bigger and bigger and many of the models seem to have undergone colour updates.

No Additional Ripstop Uppers

Whilst I am generally quite excited about the 2014 range, I was quite disappointed to see that the updates did not include greater utilisation of the ripstop upper material that is found on the Mudclaw 265. I really like the new material on the Mudclaws and I wonder if it could be part of the solution for some of the durability problems in models like the Trailroc, X-Talon 190 and Bare-Grips.

Where To Find Them (Affiliates)

Wiggle already have some of the 2014 range available for purchase. You can find them by clicking on the button below!

Get Involved

What do you think of Inov-8’s New range? Please leave your thoughts below!

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  1. Jeff Pyrah says:

    Try the trailroc midsole and rip stop upper. My racing shoe of choice in 2013 (North downs run, beachyhead marathon, red bull steeplechase).

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Jeff, Thanks for your message and suggestion! What’s the traction like in the mud? I was thinking about getting some trailroc 150’s but leaving it until the summer once it’s dried out a bit as the lugs don’t look that deep? Andrew.

  2. .:Ash:. says:

    Nice overview of the SS14 Inov-8 shoes! I clicked this post hoping to see a secret Baregrip update that I’d not yet read about. But, I guess we’re both disappointed in that regard. 😉
    Your comment about the ripstop upper material is also intriguing, because, while I find it useful on the Mudclaw 265, I rather hated it on the Trailroc 150. In fact, that ripstop ruined the 150 for me. But, others loved it, of course.
    Anyway, glad to have found your site!

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Ash, thanks for the comment! Yes I’ve read that a few people haven’t got on with the ripstop upper on the 150’s. Is that because unlike the mudclaws there isn’t a liner so the material comes into direct contact with your foot?

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