Gear Review Policy

It is my goal to provide useful and comprehensive reviews at Outdoor Kinetics to help readers make informed decisions about the products that they buy. The reviews mean nothing if I do not have the trust of the reader and I feel strongly about maintaining the honesty, objectivity and integrity of the site.

All items featured on this site have been purchased by me unless otherwise stated. I do not accept payments for reviews, nor do I allow suppliers or manufacturers to have an influence over their content.

I am a runner and outdoor enthusiast first and a reviewer second. The time I spend out doing what I love is very valuable to me therefore like you, I tend to select products which I already know are likely to be well-suited to my personal preferences and this means that it is quite rare for me to write an overwhelmingly negative review (who wants to use something that they know they are going to dislike?). However, whilst the range of products I test is based upon my personal taste, I make every effort to ensure that the reviews themselves are balanced and objective.

Advertising & Links To Affiliates 

You will notice that this site includes a number of advertisements and links to places where you can purchase the products I have reviewed. If you make a purchase via these links, Outdoor Kinetics will receive a small amount of commission at no extra cost to yourself.

This site takes up a lot of my spare time and the links help me to keep it going so I really appreciate your support.