Chased by Cows ?

Following a recent tragic news story of a walker who was killed by cows, I thought I’d share this excellent article on the BMC website which provides some brilliant advice on how to behave around our bovine friends when out and about in the countryside.

My Additional Tips For Cow Safety

Also, as someone who encounters cows a lot and has had a couple of unpleasant run-ins myself, I thought I’d add a few points of my own. These should be read in conjunction with the BMC advice and not in place of it:

  • As per the BMC advice, obviously look out for Bulls and cows with calves but I have also found that herds of Bullocks (bulls who have been castrated) are particularly prone to being curious and following you. This enthusiasm can sometimes shift into full-on intimidation so be cautious and follow the BMC’s advice.
  • Cows will be all the more curious / nervous if you draw attention to yourself. If you are running or riding a bike, walk and stay calm.
  • When you come to a field with cows in it, plan a possible escape route or short cut across the feild before entering. You can then use this if they start to bother you and you are not able to follow your intended path. Look for places where you can cross over a hedge or fence and out of the way.
  • Use additional caution if it is a large field or a particularly small field where you could end up not being able to get out of the way.
  • I don’t advocate straying from public rights of way but consider going around the cows or perhapse skirting the perimeter of the field, rather than heading straight for them. If you do go around the perimeter, try to minimise the possibility of being cornered.
  • As well as c the issues presented by dogs, use caution if you have children with you and consider whether you will be able to get them out of the way quickly if you have to.
  • Again, make sure you read the BMC article in addition to this post as it really is good :-)

Do you have any additional advice or experience of behaviour around cattle? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below

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