Cardiologist: ‘Saturated Fat Not Linked To Heart Disease’

In an articulate and informative interview with the BBC, Dr Assem Malhotra explains how the link between saturated fat consumption and heart disease has been disproved by recent research and that processed food and sugar are the real enemy. The BBC Interviewed Dr Malhotra as a result of an article published in the British Medical Journal in which he stated:

“The mantra that saturated fat must be removed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease has dominated dietary advice and guidelines for almost four decades. Yet scientific evidence shows that this advice has, paradoxically, increased our cardiovascular risks.”

Dr Malhotra’s viewpoint is aligned with many of the basic principals of a Paleo-Type Diet and further emphasizes its benefits. I find it really encouraging to see this debate occurring within the mainstream media and involving respected members of the medical community. Hopefully this will lead to additional research and eventual revisions to Government / NHS dietary advice.

fruit and veg

What Does This Mean?

This news does not simply mean that those who are already putting their heart at risk due to a poor diet now have a green light to increase their saturated fat consumption.

What it means is that fats form an important part of a healthy diet that should also include high quality protein, fruit and vegetables. As we increase our consumption of the right things, it is equally important that we reduce the amount of nutritionally poor products that we eat, such as refined carbohydrates and processed food.

As Dr Malhotra concludes in the interview, we should ‘Eat Real Food!’

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