Aura LED Sports Safety Belt Review

I absolutely love being outside at night during the winter. A crisp, clear nights sky or a bit of mist can bring a whole new dimension to landscapes that can otherwise be a bit bleak during winter months and I especially enjoy off-road night running with a head torch around the local countryside.

Walking, running and cycling can all be good fun at night but its really important that you are visible to traffic to stay safe and the Aura LED Sports Safety Belt is an innovative new product that can help.

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What Is It?

The Aura LED Sports Safety Belt is a clever nylon strap that is worn around the waist and secured with a plastic buckle. It contains an LED strip that illuminates at the push of the button with three light settings (constant, pulse or strobe). Most lights are only visible from one direction and this can lead to ‘dead spots’ in your visibility but the Aura belt overcomes this and allows you to be seen from almost every angle.

It should be pointed out that the belt is designed to supplement other night-safety gear and is not a substitute for proper bike lights etc!


  • 70 hour battery life
  • Weather proof (and i’ve tested this in the recent storms!)
  • 3 light settings
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Visible for up to 300m (according to the Aura website)
  • Adjustable to a wide range of waist sizes
  • Available in 6 colours

What’s Good About It

  • Robust construction. It feels like it will last for ages
  • Provides almost 360 degree visibility
  • You pretty much forget you are wearing it
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively packable
  • Great if you don’t like high-vis jackets (although both should ideally be used to optimise visibility)

How It Could Be Even Better

  • When you use it for running, it tends to bounce around a tiny bit and on a couple of occasions this has caused my to jacket ride up over the top of it and obscure the belt. A small section of elastic strap would provide a more secure fit and could prevent this from happening


I think this is a really clever product that is very well made and I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s also good value at £24.99 including shipping

Where You Can Find Them

The Aura belt is available direct from Amazon, see link below

Get Involved

Do you have any experience of this product? What about hints and tips for safety whilst being outdoors at night? Please leave your thoughts below.

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