My name is Andrew Bentley and I’m a Leicester acupuncturist who loves the outdoors. I’m interested in natural health, fitness and the management of pain & injuries. This is my blog where I will also be writing about running, cycling, climbing and sustainable training.

We are in the unique and privileged position of having more information available to us on fitness, exercise and diet than any previous generation. Working as an acupuncture practitioner in Leicester, I often meet people who want to take control of their health but become overwhelmed by the quantity and sometimes contradictory nature of the information that is out there.

As well as blogging about my other interests, I intend to use this site to discuss practices which promote long-term health through positive lifestyle habits and enjoyment of physical activity. My perspective is based upon my experience of trying things out myself and my observations in the clinic.

You can find out more about my background at my bio page here.


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